Whale Watching at Port Douglas

Fri, Mar 12, 2010

Port Douglas Activities

Rare Whales SightedThe Cairns Post has recently reported that a POD of rare & endangered sei, or baleen whales were photographed by tourists aboard a Quicksilver Cruises vessel at Agincourt Reef on Monday afternoon.

One of the gigantic filter feeders emerged in full view of the boat, spending several minutes swimming around it, before diving away.

Quicksilver marine biologist Doug Baird estimated the whales were up to 18m long.

The same vessel spotted one of the whales – one of the least studied and understood of the great whales – at Agincourt Reef two years ago.

“Sei whales are among the more elusive of the large whales and are rarely seen inshore, preferring the deeper oceans,” Mr Baird said.

“They are one of the fastest whales with bursts of speed up to 55km/h.”

Read the rest of this article over at The Cairns Post

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