Minke Whales are here!

Wed, Jun 12, 2013

Pink Blog

DWARF MINKE WHALE MAGIC! What a wonderful time of year to be visiting Port Douglas!  Passengers on board Poseidon which has a special license, have been fortunate to experience the Minke Whale Magic first hand. Careful rotation of all snorkellers kept the Minke’s curiosity and interest in human observation. All snorkellers had the thrill of a lifetime when at the first site of the day at the Agincourt Ribbon Reefs, a 5 meter Dwarf Minke Whale came up to the boat.  Passengers were able to view this awesome creature from a Minke float line.  The Minke did a multitude of passes over a period of an hour, performing belly rolls as it passed, within meters of the snorkellers.   Truly a life changing experience!

This was an amazing encounter giving passengers plenty of opportunity to get up close and personal.  Passengers even managed to view these inquisitive creatures from the top deck as it swam past the boat, while others remained in the water.

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