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Tue, May 18, 2010

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Port Douglas CARNIVALE 2010


A Taste of Port

Carnivale 2010 is nearly here. Commencing Thursday 20 May with the Gala Opening at the Sugar Wharf there are 40 events with something to suit everyone; some free and some ticketed. This year there has been an emphasis on cuisine and there are a number of new events in this category including the Food Fight and Palates of Port which are Chamber events with any profits returning to Carnivale.

The Carnivale Club is a new innovation aimed at providing a variety of events at the one location – the Sugar Wharf.  It  is an important addition to Carnivale and proceeds from these events will  support other events such as the Street Parade and Beach day. Dont miss ‘The Gala’ opening on 20 May the first glam event at the Sugar Wharf!

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